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What is it

AT-VIRTUAL (INTERREG VB Atlantic Area funded by ERDF funds) aims to improve the operability and performance of Maritime Safety Training Centres (MSTCs) in the Atlantic territory by enabling businesses to develop emerging technology-based solutions to MSTCs needs in the field of simulation-based training systems for maritime security operations. This will improve Atlantic Area capacity, preparedness, resilience and incident response to maritime incidents and emergencies in Atlantic waters, while fostering innovation and sustainable growth in businesses.

Its objectives

AT-VIRTUAL overall objective is to accelerate the digitization of MSTCs in the Atlantic Area, through the introduction of new emerging Industry 4.0 (I4.0) related technologies (Internet of Things, Big Data/Data Analytics, and Vision Technologies) in simulation-based training systems, contributing to more effectively and efficiently tackle of maritime security and safety in the Atlantic Area.

To achieve this, MSTCs will become testing, piloting and demonstration sites of technology solutions to common needs identified in the Atlantic Area. The process of digitization will be carried out through a collaborative hybridization process, facilitating the cooperation between 3 MSTCs and startups who will act as digital enablers, supported by a research organization and I4.0 experts.

It will be developed by using a new advanced platform, which will be ready to be transferred after the project to favour the digitization processes in new organizations and areas in an outside the Atlantic Area.

AT-VIRTUAL will impact in the current situation by enabling MSTCs the adoption of solutions exploiting the full potentials of latest technologies; the development of new professional fields; and a well-trained and up-to-date work force enabling the sector to become safer and more efficient and sustainable. Also, it will contribute to the consolidation of businesses and startups by promoting the deployment of an I4.0 market with untapped potential so far, contributing to accelerate intelligent growth and innovation in the Atlantic Area.